Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lost in abortion-land

This is a good one. An apologist for Planned Parenthood and abortion in the majority Catholic Asian country of the Philippines says that Pope Benedict's motu proprio on the Missal of Bl. John XXIII should worry women interested in abortion.

Yeah, I didn't get it either. But then for this crowd abortion is the most holy sacrament of the culture of death and everything relates to it. (And they say pro-lifers are obsessed!) As usual, she quotes a pro-abortion Catholic feminist as if she was a spokesperson for all Catholics.

When Pope Benedict XVI recently made his announcement about wider use of the Latin Mass, Catholics all over the world had a lot to talk about all over again. Many Catholics are worried, Bishops included, about what the move represents as a whole, apart from the alien language.

Local feminist, Ms. Rina Jimenez David wrote in the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

"Striking is the Pope's bending over backwards to accommodate the backsliding elements of the Church while remaining resolute in his refusal to meet with and engage in meaningful dialogue with other members of the flock: women and gays in particular. Ironically, scholars say the future of the Church lies precisely in the greater inclusion and involvement of these two sectors of the Catholic faithful."

Rina, a Catholic, recalls attending the Latin Mass as a child and the feeling of exclusion that comes from not being able to understand the mass. She also described the feeling of attending her first English/Filipino mass after Vatican II, calling it liberating and inclusive.

So weird. She gets even weirder when she starts complaining about the recent guidelines issued by the Philippine bishops on how to dress appropriately at Mass. Apparently, modest dress and worship in Latin (she makes the classic error of conflating the 1962 Missal with Latin Mass) are just another attempt by The Man (in this case the Pope and the Church) to oppress women and turn them into baby-making machines.

Suuuuuurrrrre. The title of her blog post is "Lost in Translation." No kidding.

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