Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The root of dissent

Why does it seem that no matter what the outward issue is, it always comes back to "pelvic issues."

Here's the obituary of Joseph Hernon, a history professor.

Joseph Martin Hernon Jr., 70, a history professor and author of a study of character in the U.S. Senate, died of cancer June 29 at his home in Boston.


Before Dr. Hernon taught at U-Mass., he was Catholic University's most prominent critic in the mid-1960s. He spoke out publicly on several matters, most notably when he claimed that the university refused to hire a professor because he was not Catholic. The university said the candidate was turned down not because of his religion, but because he was divorced and remarried.
That's the dissent. And the underlying reason? Could it be...
Survivors include his partner of 10 years, Matthew Griffing of Boston, and a brother.
There you go. You will note that not every obituary for Hernon that I found online included that tidbit, but it "do explain much, do it not?"

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Anonymous said...

I am a practicing Catholic and conservative, happily married for nearly twenty years, and blessed with a son. I was also fortunate to have taken Professor Hernon's Irish History class at the University of Massachusetts and, subsequently, to have become his friend.

Professor Hernon was a talented teacher and writer, but more importantly, a good human being. He was also a man of integrity. I never discussed Catholic University with him. However, I trust that his version of the story is the truth. You seemed to imply he was motivated by something else. Had you known him, I believe you would not have made your remark.