Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Socialism doesn't solve anything

Gotta love those liberals! But they're a little dense, you know? Here's an example:

Ezra Klein writes in an op ed in the Los Angeles Times about employee vacations. Mainly he's trotting out that hoary old chestnut about how all those advanced Socialist nations of Europe mandate employer-paid vacations while American workers are guaranteed nothing, bupkiss, nada. In fact, those Europeans get a boatload of freebies:
THE MOST astonishing revelations in Michael Moore's "Sicko" have nothing to do with healthcare. They're about vacation time. French vacation time, to be precise.

Sitting at a restaurant table with a bunch of American ex-pats in Paris, Moore is treated to a jaw-dropping recitation of the perks of social democracy: 30 days of vacation time, unlimited sick days, full child care, social workers who come to help new parents adjust to the strains and challenges of child-rearing.


"The United States," they write, "is the only advanced economy in the world that does not guarantee its workers paid vacation." Take notice of that word "only." Every other advanced economy offers a government guarantee of paid vacation to its workforce. Britain assures its workforce of 20 days of guaranteed, compensated leave. Germany gives 24. And France gives, yes, 30.

We guarantee zero. Absolutely none. That's why one out of 10 full-time American employees, and more than six out of 10 part-time employees, get no vacation.

But here's the payoff in this article:
This is strange. Of all these countries, the United States is, by far, the richest.
That is indeed strange. After all who would have thought that countries where the government requires companies to give pantloads of expensive benefits to employees would not have the strongest economies? Who would have thought that the country that doesn't require companies to pay employees for days and days of not working--but they may if they wish for certain productive employees--would be the richest? It's like that country promotes a certain amount of efficiency and productivity thereby assuring that those employees have a job to go back to after their vacations.

This is like all those liberals who are confounded that in America in recent years the incarceration rate has increased even as the crime rate has decreased. You don't say! How could that be?

Liberals start with the presumption that America is bad, corporations are evil, and criminals are misunderstood and then they're confused when the exact opposite of what they expect happens.

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